Madison Middle School

Adopt-a-School Program

Adopt-a-School Program: Madison Middle School

Madison Middle School seeks to prepare students for success in high school and college as well as a career and the rest of their lives. Because we are focused on long-term success, Madison aims for a higher standard. We want to equip students to think critically and argue passionately. We believe it is important that students become independent thinkers, coherent writers, confident speakers, and avid readers. At Madison Middle School we strive to create a safe and challenging learning community that develops highly motivated critical thinkers and encourages community involvement in order to promote life-long learning. 


Volunteer Opportunities at Madison Middle School: 


  • Provide the teachers & administration with breakfast or lunch once a quarter 
  • Stock the Faculty Room (with k-cups, snacks, seasonal decorations, etc.) 
  • Have A Prayer Walk: Intentional, focused prayer for teachers & students 
  • Meet some of the unique needs of students when you have opportunity 
  • Help chaperone Friday Fun Nights