Disciple Now

Information about the upcoming Disciple Now February 11-13th.


Discipleship Weekend 2022

Join us for our Disciple Now Weekend this coming February! The theme of the conference is called "Encounter" and will expose students to the life of Jesus out of the Gospel of John.

Speaker: Josh Hayward

Topic: Encountering Jesus (based on book "Introducing Jesus")

Band: Band: Adam McCravey

Location: South Side Baptist Church

Dates: February 11-13

Cost: $30 per student

Dinner will be served at Broadview Baptist Church on Friday at 5:00. We will then travel to South Side Baptist Church for the first session of the weekend at 6:00PM.

Fill out the registration forms and turn it in to the church office with your $30 fee.

Registration Deadline is January 26th.

If your student will need to travel at any point during the D-Now Weekend please fill out and sign this travel release form.

Schedule (Potential)


Friday, Feb. 11

6:00pm – Registration at South Side Baptist Church

7:00pm – Worship

9:00pm – Head to Host Homes

9:30pm – Breakout Session 1

11:30pm – Lights out!

Saturday, Feb. 12

7:30am – Wake up and get ready!

8:00am – Breakfast at host homes

8:30am – Quiet time/Breakout Session 2

9:15am – Morning worship at South Side Baptist Church

10:00am – Service Project

12:30pm – Lunch

1:30pm – Game time!

5:00pm – Head to host home/Clean up

6:00pm – Breakout Session 3

6:45pm – Dinner at South Side Baptist Church

7:45pm – Worship

8:45pm – Breakout Session 4 Small Group Discussion

9:30pm – Night fellowship

11:00pm – Head to host home

11:30am – Lights out!

Sunday, Feb. 13 

7:30am – Wake up and clean up

9:00am – Breakfast at home church

9:30am - Worship at home church

What To Bring / Not To Bring

What to bring and what to do:

  • - $30 admission cost
  • - Bathroom supplies include: towels, soap, toothbrush/paste, deodorant and other supplies as needed. If you have prescribed medication, make sure to let your church and your leader know. This medication will NOT be used by anyone except for you.
  • - Appropriate clothes for the weekend (keep them okay for church).
  • - Sleeping bag and/or blankets, pillows, etc.
  • - Snacks and drinks to be shared with your group
  • - Bibles
  • - Note taking materials
  • - Follow the rules set by the churches participating, the leaders, and the host homes

What not to bring and what not to do:

  • - Phones (or any other electronics)! If you bring a phone, it will be taken up by the leader and will not be returned to you at the end of the week.
  • - Under NO circumstances are firearms (or any other weapons), drugs (illegal), cigarettes/tobacco products, alcohol, vapes or any other illicit materials allowed on any church property, host homes, or in any part of the weekend.
  • - No fireworks or any other prank materials
  • - Do not leave your host home without the supervision of your leader or your host!
  • - Do not fight with anyone! Respect each other.
  • - Do not engage in any inappropriate activities over the weekend (including PDA)
  • - Students will not be driving at all during the duration of the weekend.

If any student(s) break any of the obvious rules set forward by their leaders, churches, or host homes, they will face the possibility of being sent home.

Parents, the students are encouraged not to use or bring their phones over the weekend so that they may focus on Christ and their experience. In case of emergency, please contact Nathan McCravey at (806) 215-3899 or Armando Oakes at ‭(325) 721-2225‬ reach your student.