Noah Project

Empowering victims of family violence to become survivors.

Noah Project

The mission of Noah Project is empowering victims to become survivors and working to end domestic violence and sexual assault. Noah Project is a center of care for victims of family violence, serving ten counties in West Central Texas. To provide quality shelter and support services, under the guidelines of Noah Project, to persons who are victims of domestic violence and sexual assault. Services are designed to meet the individual needs of each person. 


Volunteer Opportunities: 


Crisis Line 

Child Care 

Staff Support 



Outdoors / Yard Work 

Primary Prevention Classes 

Special Events 


Volunteering with Noah Project is a great way to get experience, and to give something back to help make our community a safer place. We provide all necessary training. 


You may visit for more information. If you would like to volunteer, please call 325.676.7107.