The "X-Files" of the Old Testament

Class Information

What happened "A long long time ago in a galaxy "no so" far away?"

From the CREATION of the universe; is it young, old, or middle-aged?

To the FALL of Adam, Eve, You & Me; the Serpent, the Tree of Knowledge?

To the FLOOD and Noah; Sons of God/Daughters of Man and the Nephilim?

And the TOWER OF BABEL; what really happened and what is the Gospel connection?

Dennis Burt will be teaching the first 11 chapters of the book of Genesis in this Sunday evening Equipping Class. The class will explore the topic of creation, the fall o f man, the Tower of Babel and other interesting things from the book of Genesis.

The class will put forward the various different views on these chapters from Genesis and also help answer questions that you may have.

Begins: January 28th

Location: Education Building 105

Time: 5:30