Young Adult Gathering

No agenda. Just great friends, food, fellowship and fun.

Young Adult Gathering At Broadview!

Join us on October 26 at Broadview's Main Campus for a gathering of young adults.

We will provide the meal and the childcare (birth-5th grade). We just need you to bring yourself and your PaRtY pAnTs.

It's easy to feel lost in a church the size of Broadview. Maybe you've made a few friends in your small group but you're thinking to yourself, "I'd really like to meet some new people."

That's why we need as many young adults to join us for this gathering as possible!

There's no concert. No singing. No sermon. No church service.

It's really just a gathering to hang out and have some fun (there will be a few games for those who are interested).

If you think you'll be able to join us then please register below. It'll help us with the food count and child care requirements.

While there's no "settled science" on what makes a person qualified to be considered a "young adult" we recommend the age range of 23-39. In the future, we will host additional gatherings for folks younger and older than this range.

Starts at 6:00pm | Education Building